The Walking Liberty 1946-D

Some details about the 1946-D Walking Liberty Half dollar



According to Jeff Ambio in his book, “Collecting and Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars”, in the late date short set, the 1946-D has the greatest number of coins graded MS65 or greater. He states that there are about 14,000 graded this high. Contrast that number with the approximately 3000 of the 1941-S and you can see why Ambio says that you should be able to find a nice example of this year and mint. For its characteristics, he says that it is possible to find one with a sharp strike, good to excellent luster and in general, it has above average eye appeal. So when choosing an example of this coin you should be able to find a very attractive coin. We try to keep MS65’s and MS66’s in stock and currently as our featured coin we have rare MS67. Come visit us at, look at what we have in stock or let us know your wish list with an email to . Happy Collecting.