Collecting the Walking Liberty 1941-S

Collecting the Walking Liberty 1941-S, how rare is the Walking Liberty 1941-S

6/27/20221 min read

The 1941-S is the most expensive coin in the 41-47 short set in either an MS64 or MS65 and second in a MS66. PGCS has it listed for $225, $500 and $1100 respectively. A look at the population report of PCGS, it is also the rarest in a MS65, 3rd in a MS66 but only 5th in a MS64. However, according to Jeff Ambio in his book “Collecting and Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars” it is the rarest of all in total number at MS65 or above which might explain its price tag. As for eye appeal Ambio rates it low due to its generally softly defined strike. He also advises looking elsewhere if you are only looking for a couple of Walking Liberties. If you are collecting a full or short set be patient but do not expect to find one with a full strike. At BKPCoins we currently have a MS64 and the MS65 is at the top of our list. We have a nice selection of attractive Walking Liberty Half Dollars in the 1941 to 1947 dates. Come visit us at, look at what we have in stock or let us know your wish list. Happy Collecting.