Collecting the 1941-1947 Walking Liberty Short Set

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6/22/20221 min read

Looking at collecting Walking Liberty Half Dollars? A great start is with the 1941 - 1947 short set. You can assemble a set with different amounts of resources and levels of persistence required. For example, based on PCGS listed prices a collection of the 20 coins at a grade of MS64 will cost about $2400. However at collection of the walkers at MS67 will be $228,000. To finish out the numbers, the total for a set at MS65 total is $4000 and MS66 $7900. If you are looking to collect a short set with a grade of MS64 all coins will cost you about $100 to $150 with the exceptions of the 1941-S at $225 and 1942-S at $175. Whereas the 1943-S is the highest in the MS65 and MS66 grade. A 1943-S MS65 is listed at $1250 and a MS66 at $67,000.

An element of these numbers and a measure of the persistence that might be required can be seen in their populations. Where there are generally thousands of coins graded as MS64 there maybe only hundreds graded as MS66. You might get lucky and have a MS66 turn up quickly but obviously your odds are better with the lower grades.

Whatever level of collection you pursue, I think you will enjoy collecting Walking Liberty Half Dollars as much as I do. Happy collecting - BKPCoins